Tom is given presents by his parents
I am chased by dogs
The car was washed by its owner
They are presented in front of the crowd
Her wish is granted by god
The doll is dressed by Tina
You are described as a kind person
My uncle was tricked by that swindler
Grace have been chosen as the class representative
Mother is surprised by my brother
Jason is being shot by paintball
The boxes are lifted by the workers
Your cats are fed by me
The girl is held by her mom
The patient is checked by doctor

Cukup segitu aja ya, tinggal terusin
Formulanya gampang kok :
S + to be + verb 3 + O
Mau pake tenses apa aja terserah yang berubah to be nya aja contoh : present (am, is, are), past (was were), present continues (is, am, are + being), present perfect (have been) dll.
Verb yang digunain juga ga semuanya bisa, yang ga bisa buat passive misalnya sleep