Tolong buatin kalimat pertanyaan pake Question word : what, who, whom, how, dll.. Trus pake Auxiliary : Shall, may, should, would, could, do, does, has, have. (semuanya 1 kalimat)..
Trus pake subjectnya terserah kalian, Trus kasih verb.
Oke makasih..



What is your father's name ?
who is sit beside you ?
how that accident happen ?
where do you live ?
when the meteor fall ?
may i sit beside you ?
shall we go to Jakarta ?
would you help me to carry my bag ?
does she has a cat ?
do you like noodles ?
sorry kalau salah.
maksudnya itu "Qustion Word" + "Auxiliary" + "Subject" + "Verb"
ya gak papa, cukup membantu
Maaf y gx tau..............................