Jadi gini,
Last night, I saw a boy with a woman. I thought that the woman was his mother, cause they were so close that time. But actually, she was not. She was a mother that would find her son. First time she saw the man, she had a feeling that he was her son. Unfortunately the boy said it all. He told the truth that he absolutely not her son. He felt so sorry with that mother. Later on, she cried all the way. The boy didnt know what to do to stop her crying. And finally, he had a great idea: he promised to find her boy and would pretend to be her son as long as he could. 

Sudah jelas kan bahasanya? Kalau belum bisa tanya yaaa :) Maaf cuma bisa nyontohin segini. 
baru kls 2sma:( msh bingubg sm b.inggris hehehe
baru kelas 2sma:( msh bingung sm b,inggris hehe
Ya kalogitu sharing aja ke aku :) Ada twitter,fb?
boleh:) kalo kamu kls brp?hehe. ada nih twitter eva namanya @aininureva
Adik kelas sih, masih kelas 10 :D Punyaku @putrirhmtl_