A : Hi" Evi!!
B : Hi, how are you today?
A : I'am fine. and you?
B : I'am fine too.
oh, I forget. Why you didn' go to school yesterday?
A : I was sick. I didn' get to write a letter to teacher because my parens were not in home. may be the teacher was angry to me. Wasult she?
B : oh, no! don't worry! you can explain about it to her. so she will understand you.
A. ok. thank's Evi
David: hi, maya. have you got news about Mrs.Donita?
maya: Mrs.Donita? Our English teacher? what is it?
david: She's going to England.
maya: England? Why is she going to England?
david: she's got a scholarship and takes the MA programme.
maya: So, she takes the MA programme for free?
david: As i heard, yes. it's all free of charge for her.
maya: i think she deserves it. you know, she's the best English teacher in our district.
david; you're right. no wonder if the government gives her the scholarship.
maya: let's just pray for her and hopefully she will return to this school.
david: we're all going to miss her.
maya: yes. shall we congratulate her?
david: nice idea. let's meet her and congratulate her.
maya: after you