Milla: hello, Prilly
Prilly: hello Milla
Milla: what are you doing here?
Prilly: sweeping home page.
Milla: Introduce this classmate, her name is Jessica.
Jessica: hi, Prilly
Prilly: hello, Jessica
Jessica: what you junior high school in the archipelago?
Prilly: iya.Tapi I do not class again with Milla.
Jessica: ohh, okay. Sorry I had to go.
Prilly: why the rush?
Jessica: I have to do homework, bye.
Milla: bye.

seperti ini?
maaf kalo slah
semoga membantu
Viki,sinta and riri are in canteen
viki:morning ri
riri:morning too,who is she ?
viki:let me introduce you my new classmate.her name is sinta,sinta this is myy bestfriend riri
sinta:nice too meet you
riri:nice too meet you too,let we have a great friendship