Dina : Hello Doni , are you busy?
Doni : Hi Dina , hmm not really. I am just checking my homework before submit it
Dina : Oh , but i need your help. Would you mind to help me? 
Doni : Sure. What i need to do?
Dina : I am wondering to know how to answer this question. For me , It's quite hard and i hope you get an idea to make it clear
Doni : It's easy Dina , Let me help you.
mksudnya suruh buat percakapan meminta tolong kepada orang lain minimal 3 orang
oh hahaha kamu bilangnya minimal 3 percakapan :3
A : Hi guys , what are you doing?
Anda :" I bring a lot of heavy books. can you please help me to bring some ?"
saya :" yes . I will help you. let me bring some yours."
anda :" thank you. bring them up to there."
saya :" alright."

(on the way)
anda :" oh my got I forget to bring their bags ! would you mind to bring their bags ? the bags on the hall room."
saya :"yes. wait a minute. "
anda :" okay. "

(on the way back )
she :" ugh ! oh may god my knees are bleeding"
saya :" what happen ?"
she :" I was fell from the stairs .Can you please help me get up ?"
saya :" okay I'll help and take you to the medic room."
she :" oh thank you very much."
saya :" after that I must take the bags . So I'm sorry I can't help you take care the wound "
she :" no problem. I'm so thankful because you mind to help me "
saya :" alright "