There are some grammatical errors in the sentence given below. circle the mistakes in the sentence, and rewrite the sentence =. if there aren't any mistakes, put a tick mark next to the sentence.

1. lets go to the sushi of restaurant for lunch
2. shall we do have a meeting on afternoon saturday?
3. can i do get you a glass juice of?
4. let me take you home
5. if you want, i'll car the wash for you



2.Shall we have a meeting on saturday afternoon ?
3.Can I get you a glass of juice.
5.If you want, I'll wash the car for you
Bukannya no 1 salah ya? Harusnya sushi restaurant saja, bukan sushi of restaurant?
hhehe.. maaf salah ketik :)
I dont know, my english is bad
.. no worries.. thanks for your comment :)