Tolong jawab pertanyaan ini dengan b.inggris juga versi kamu
1.whose is this handphone? often do you go shopping?
3.who is your best friends name?
4.where are you put my tools?
5.what are you doing? many have visited bali?
7.what are you eating?
8.what colour do you want?
9. whom do you meet?



1 who is this phone? 
2 how often do you go shopping? almost every day 
3 best friends name? aqima 
4 .Where that you put my tools? 
5. what are you doing? do homework 
6 how many have visited Bali? 1 time 
7 What are you eating? rice 
8 color what you want? purple 
9. who you meet?
1 mine
2 not really
3 her name is leah
4 i forgot. maybe in my box
5 nothing. just laying on my bed
6 i've never visited bali
7 rice, sometimes i eat bread.
8 i want the orange one
9 my friends