Ingredients : - Fruit what you want (like pineapple , apple, banana or whatever.)
                  - One glass Ice cube 
                  - 3 spoon of Sugar
                  - 1 cup of Water
                  - 2 spoon Milk
Materials : -Juicer
                 - Knife
How to make it :
1) Fist, slice the mango (or fruits what you want) into some pieces. Then put them into juicer or blender.
2) Next, pour the cup of water, put sugar and then turn on the juicer or blender.
3) Then, prepare your glass and milk. Wait a minutes and your mango juice will be ready. Turn off the juicer or blender.
4) Last pour the juice into the glass then put the milk. And your delicious and healthy juice ready to served

P.s: Hope it'll worked out and helps you! You check them and I'm sorry for the bad grammar