Asking opinion :
A : Hello, good morning
B : good morning
A : What would you say about Tim Howard...?
B : Oh, i think he is a very good goalkeeper. How about you..?
A : I think he needs more practice for being a professional goalkeeper.
B : Oh, okay.
A : Goodbye.
B : Bye.
Jawaban paling cerdas!
- about asking and giving opinion

A : hy B!
B : hello A!
A : B, can you go with me tomorrow? i want to have a little birthday party, but i            don't know where i will celebrate it
B : okay, i will go to with you, hmm what's your opinion about bukit bintang                  Yogyakarta? its a beautiful place isn't it?
A : okay A, that's good idea, bukit bintang is a very beautiful place. we will go at 7        pm.
B : yeay, we will. bye
A : bye
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