A : What's your plan for this coming school holiday?
B : Well, I am planning to visit my grandparents who are living in Surabaya and probably I will stay there for a week.
A : How about you, C and D?
C : I am planning to go to Medan for a week with my family. We will be visiting the tourist spots there.
D : Unlike B and C, I am planning to stay at home because my parents will be going to Japan for their honeymoon.
A : Don't worry, D. I am not going anywhere too during the school holiday. We can go to the mall, theme park or maybe we can do other activities during the holiday.
D : That is a great idea! I hope B and C will have a safe trip and enjoy your holiday!
B and C : Thanks! We hope that both of you will enjoy your holiday and have fun!
A and D : You are welcome and thank you too!
semoga brmanfaat :)))