F. Make short dialog based on these situations. Use can. cannot(can't), will, and will not(won't).

1. your teacher is looking for volunteers for a school event. gina volunteer.
2. your neighbor asks you to come by. you refuse because you are in a hurry to go somewhere.
3. uncle john asks the plumber if he can fix your plumbing soon. the plumber promises to try it.
4. you ask your brother if he can teach you to play guitar. he refuses
5. your mother asks you to buy some bread in nearby bakery. you do the request at once.
6. your sister asks you to accompany her to her friend's birthday party. you want to go, but you already have other appointment.
7. afgan asks dewi to go out with him. dewi makes clear that she don't want to go out with him ever.

yes please help because tomorrow is collected



Ini pilih salah satu atau semuanya dijawab?
semuanya say
tapi terserah sih kalo mau satu terserah kamu aja mau yg mana yg penting bener aja