A : good morning B, how're you today?
B : pretty good mine, how's yours?
A : bad mine
B : I'm sorry to hear that. what's going on?
A : I don't know. somebody was ruining my day but actually I can't blame anyone
B : share with me
A : last night I watched world cup so I woke up late and then I didn't take my breakfast. mrs. rina didn't give me permission to join her class so I just sit here with doing nothing. 
B : why don't you eat something? you haven't had breakfast, right?
A : I also think so, but I forgot to take my lunch and I'm feeling so hungry now
B : wow, it's a bad day, isn't it? how about go to canteen? I treat you.
A : really? wow that's a good idea. thankyou B
B : you're welcome