Birthday Invitations

Make best friend (......)
in place
Hello, friends!

I expect your presence in my birthday is the 10th.
Come, yes, at:
Day, date: Saturday, August 24, 2008
Time: 15:00 - finished
Place: home apriliya
Ahmad Yani Street No.. 12, Bradford
There is no impression without the presence of the most beautiful companions.
Do not forget I awaited his presence.

Best friend happy


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Dear .....(name)
i hope you will come to my birthday party that will be held on:

day: Saturday
date: 1st March 2014
time: 7.00pm - untill you drop
place: flower street 19
dress code: purple and black

I can't wait to see you there

....(your name)
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hy friends, I want to throw a birthday party I would invite friends who coincided in:
date / day:
time         :
address   :

Thinks love ya I hope my friends friends friends want to attend :)

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