When my mother left home My heart is really sad .. how lg .. tp would have to reach my goals for the happiness of the mother

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Mom, youre the most beautiful women that i ever seen. youre my hero. youre the strongest woman in my life. i couldn't even imagine how i live without you. happiness means you. your smile, your laugh, is the best thing that i ever known. mom, you are my everything and anything.
coba bikin kalimatnya aja. nanti coba ku translate
saya tidak bisa buat kalimatnya, tolong apa bisa dibuat lebih panjang?
tolong,, bisa tidak?
your tears are my weakness. you break my bones everytime you were crying. let me show you, how much your smile is beautiful. you're the reflection of kindness. when you barely kissed me when i was 5, when you tached me how to ride my bike, when you teached me how to spell my name. those things was the sweetest memories i ever had. mom, ill grow up but ill never leave you alone. even if the sky is falling down, if you were with me. ill be okay
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