Once a year Indonesia always held a president election. this president election has the goal to have a new president for Indonesia. in president election 2014 I felt a different atmosphere. the candidates are good and have their advantages and disadvantages. the candidates have a different political background. the first one, has military background and the second one has civil background. the first one is famous with his assertiveness and the other one famous cause his simplicity. unfortunately, they looked hate and fight each other. both of them always try to dropped each other. there were so many rumors about them. it's an unpredictable things because Jokowi JK the pair number 2 out as a winner.
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2014, the year that a president election is held on Indonesia. 17 years old and over, have rights to vote for the president they choose. The 1st candidant is Prabowo - Hatta. And the 2nd candidant is Jokowi - Jusuf Kalla. Even though i haven't have the rights to vote yet, but i vote for Prabowo. I think he is the right choice, even though i am Christian. It was okay when i know that Prabowo doesn't win.. But, its not just the President thats peoples choice, but also it is God's choice. So i hope, Jokowi and JK will make a better Indonesia, and will do all of their promises..