A) a doubt                                                                                                                     :)
apa itu jawabannya ?

coba jelaskan msing-msing expresing dari: Doubt , Pleasure , Certainty , Opinion , Preference ya...
Jawabannya adalah a). a doubt
Yang aku tau cuman the expression of certainly dan doubt
apa saja contoh expression doubt & certainly
Asking for certainly : Are you certain ?, Are you sure ?, Really ?, Are you really certain about that ?
Responding : I am certain, I am sure, I am quite sure, Certainly/Definetely, Positive, I have no doubt about it
Asking for doubtful : I'm not so sure about that, I rather doubt that, I am rather doubtful
Responding : Don't worry, Please, don't worry, There is nothing to worry about it
thanks you
iya :)