Yg pinter bhs inggris bantu aku buat pr dong! aku disuruh mencari kata kerja yg ada di dalam teks ini!

The giraffe has big brown eyes. They are protected by very thick lashes. This giraffe has brown spots on the skin. This coloring helps protect the giraffe. It also has two short horns on its head.

Like a camel, it can go for a long time whitout drinking water. One source of water is the leaves which it eats from trees. It is tall, so the giraffe can reach the tender leaves at the top of a tree.

The giraffe has two methods of self protection. If something frightens an adult giraffe, it can gallop away at about kilometers per hour or stay to fight with its strong legs.

plis di jawab



Kata keranya :
- protected
- helps
- go
- dringking

Protected, helps, protect, drinking, go, eats, reach, gallop away, fight, stay.