He will Post the letter

- I shall go to Mojosari Tomorrow

- he will meet you at o'clock ten

- She will help you with yoir home work tomorrow

- He will give you a good dictionary if you go with hom

- Will you please help me to get the book

- They didn’t give John their new address

- Tom will visit his parents next week

- He will finish his homework in twenty minutes They will paint the fence blue


1. I knew you would prepare all the things for the meeting
2. they told that they were going to visit bali
3. my father had a strong feeling that the weather would be warm
4. I thought that the autorities were going to investigate all allegations of fraud

maaf kalo kurang, saya hanya bisa jawab itu, dan maaf juga kalau ada yang salah..^^
Past future tense digunakan untuk menyatakan suatu perbuatan atau kegiatan yang akan dilakukan di masa lampau tapi sering kali tidak terjadi.

Rumus past future past tense:
(+) S + would + Verb1 + Compliment
(-) S + would + not + Verb1 + compliment
(?) Would + S + Verb1 + Compliment + ?

1. I would come here last week but he fell sick.
2. I would go out last night but it was raining heavily.
3. We would go swimming yesterday but the manner was too cold.
4. I would do it yesterday but it was too busy.
5. They would get married last April but waited until July.
6. I would buy a new handphone but the store was closed.

semoga bisa membantu ^_^,,,
jika jawaban saya kurang jelas, silahkan ditanyakan ^_^,,,
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