My name is Aris Rizwan. my nickname is Aris. i'm born in Bandung, 18 June 1999. I haveĀ 2 little brother. they name is Ilham and Reva. i'm school in Mutiara Bunda Junior High School. i have many friends and many best friends.
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I want introduce my self !!
My name is Winanti Basrul, you can call me Wina, I am a student Junior High School 26 Batam, I was born on 12th of March two thousand one, I live in Maitri Indah Residence block C3 number 3B, Batu aji district, I have one sister, I like reading books and novel, my favorite food is friend chicken and my drink is avocado juice, my favorite colours are yellow and pink.
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