tolong buatkan percakapan suatu suasana yang berbeda dengan pemainya 5 orang minimal 30 percakapan yang didalamnya ada :
-asking for service or thing
-asking and giving opinion
-like or dislike
-agree or disagree
-phone call
makasih sebelumnya :)



A:hello mam good morning can i help you? b: yes can you call someone to fix my bathroom? a:of course mam,please wait a minute b:thanks a few minutes later c:hello mam good morning b:morning,you the man who will fix my bathroom? c:yes a:great.lets go upstair d:what do you think? c:i think we relly have to fix this mess d:thats right a few hours later c:what do you think mam? a:i think that grear i like it. right pa? e:yes i agree thank you