Udah bener make b.indonesia ngapain di rubah ???
That real freedom is the right of every nation and therefore, the occupation over the world should be abolished because it is not in accordance with humanity and justice. "

"And the struggle for Indonesian independence movement has came to a happy moment tranquil safely deliver the people of Indonesia to the front gate of Indonesia's independence, independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous."

"Over the grace of Almighty Allah and with the right driven by a noble desire, so air free national life, the people of Indonesia hereby declare their independence."

"Later than that to form a government of Indonesia which shall protect all the Indonesian people and the entire country of Indonesia and to promote the general welfare, the intellectual life of the nation, and participate in the establishment of a world order based on freedom, abiding peace and social justice, then drafted the independence of Indonesian nationality was in the Constitution of the state of Indonesia, which is established within the structure of the Republic of Indonesia which is based on the sovereignty of the people:

Belief in God Almighty,

just and civilized humanity,

Indonesian unity, and democracy led by the wisdom of deliberation / representation,

and the realization of social justice for all Indonesian people.