Marvin                                :  Guys, yesterday I watched on the news, in China there are two human bee. Selena                :  Me too. Brad                     :  Are you sure about it ? Adam                   : I’m not really sure about the news. Jessy                    :  They named Lu Kongjiang 20 years old and Wang Dalin 42 years old. Mora                    :  Why are they called the humans bee ? Marvin                                :  Because their whole body covered with hundreds of thousands of bee. Brad                     :  I’m still not sure about the news. Mily                      :   Why don’t you try to get the truth ? Brad                     :  OK. I will try to get the truth. Nesty                   :  The drink’s coming, here you’re guys. Adam                   :  Thank you.
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A = do you know?he has a beautiful girl friend
b = are you serious?