One of your english pen pals friends has written a letter that he/she is visiting your town.
Tell one of your classmates about that and the following points.
1. you are surprised that he/she will finally see you soon in your home town.
2. promise that you will take him/her to some interesting places in your town.
3. you are sure he/she will have good time in your town.



1. tiwie...., finally minako will coming to jogja next week from Osaka. her flight is Japan Airlines to Jakarta, and she will taking domestic flight after that.

2. when you coming here, i'll take you visiting the place that you've never visit before. and not just that, also for the culinary. in here, a lot of food and snack you must try. get ready to get fat.promise you that thing.

3. i'll introduce you to my family, friends, don't you worry about the language, i'll translate and i'll be the guide also the bodyguard for you. you just enjoy the holiday here.