From : Hannah
To : Alia

Hello, Alia! Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah. I'm 16 years old. I study at Thomas Eddison High School here in Minneapolis, USA. I know your name from my friend, Caroline. She told me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals fomr the US. I'd really like to be your E-pal. You sound really cool! I don't like reading but i love drawing and painting. How about you? Please drop me a line, Alia! Can't wait to hear from you!
Dear, ... i know you from the 'great' magazine. i live in Perth. i'm in grade 11, and i think you too, right?. i wanna make a friend with someone from another country, so can we be a friend?. That's all, i hope u will reply this email as soon as possible. :)