A: Hello, what are you doing?
B: nothing, but i need to go for buy some books.
A: i know best place for buy a books
B: really? where is it?
A: gramedia
B: ah, yes you're right. can you please go there with me?
A: sure, what books will you buy?
B: many. and i need to buy for Dio
A: Dio? who is it?
B: my cousin.
A: ohh, why are you need to buy her/him? are you entrusted by her/him for?
B: no, it's for her birthday i want to give her gift from me
A: when was her birthday?
B: the day after tomorrow
A: oh, then can you tell her, happy birthday from me?
B: sure, thank you, i will invite you to her birthday party
A: wow, thank you that's very kind of you