Untuk 2 orang~

Rudi : Hello Faisal, how are you?

Faisal : Hello Rud, I am fine thanks and you?
Rudi : Me too. By the way, yesterday I saw you at great fest techno at JEC. What are you doing in there?
Faisal : Oh. I just saw the new gadgets expected to be popular in 2013 later.
Rudi : What’s that?
Faisal : For example gadgets like tablet with android will increasingly popular in the next year.
Rudi : What makes you thinking like that?
Faisal : Because the end of the year is popular. So, is not impossible that the tablet with android will be more popular in the next year.
Rudi : Hmm, You are true. Yesterday, I also saw a lot of consumer bought the tablet than others gadget. So, do you think android will be the giant operating system in world than the others operating system?
Faisal : Oh, I have not been able to predict that. Because there will be many great rivals later.
Rudi : Like iOS and windows phone?
Faisal : Yes, I think so. Oh, are you using android in your phone?
Rudi : Yes, since 2011. Android is released starting in 2008.
Faisal : What the type of android you are using?
Rudi : Android Honeycomb.
Faisal : Anyway, do you know the latest type from android?
Rudi : The newest type is Jelly bean. But, next android will release new type.
Faisal : Do you know what is it?
Rudi : Key Lime pea. I think.
Faisal : Wow, seems android will dominate the operating system in gadget.
Rudi : I agree with that. By the way, what’s your operating system in your phone?
Faisal : I still using Symbian in my Nokia.
Rudi : You still faithful with this OS. By the way, What time is it?
Faisal : 2 pm. Do you have schedule now?
Rudi : Yes, I must go now. I will late if I not go now. See you
Faisal : See you too.