Dear aunty lynn
i've been with my boyfriend for three years now. he ask me to marry him last weekend and im not sure what to say. i do love him, but he doesn't have good job. he work as a chef in a dirty restourant and i really want to be rich. please help me

buat balasan surat dgn advice min 100 kata



Dear Sarah, 
First I have to congratulate you for having three years together with your boyfriend. means that you are a bear person and you really love him. Marriage is someway different and it is totally a new life. Being a woman means you have to be wise for your own condition. If you really love him, you will accept him whatever his condition is. Wealth less, money less, and even jobless. But still, you have to think about the future too. It's good to think realistic. About his offer to get married, have a heart warmth conversation with him please. Tell him the truth that you love him, but to get marry it's about to wait as his job is something unsure for you. Courage him to get better job, for example apply in better Restaurant or something. Good luck.