Today i woke up in the morning , and i was sleepy back then , but its school today , and then at 6:30 im having a breakfast , the breakfast wasn,t so good. And then at 6:45 I went into school. The school is boring as usual. The teacher keep lecturing in the classroom. It was so boring. And then at 14:00 PM i went home as usual , but before went to home , i went into the mall , brought some book. The book was my Favorite novel. And then i went home. After I went home its already night . So i took a bath , It was so refreshing back then. After took a bath, I prepared food for  Dinner , the Dinner wasn,t so bad after all. After having a dinner i prepared books for tommorow and study for exams next week. After studying i went to sleep. And that's my diary for today. Thank you for reading this diary 
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Monday, 1st sept 12
i overslept,at 04.30 a.m. I woke up. And also at this moment,some relatives from pangandaran were arrived to my uncle 's home..Even i felt so free today, i can at home food .

Finally,i didn't eat anything from the morning into the afternoon. but i'm happy :)