Rina :Hello Dewi,Look at my new purse.I made it by myselfDewi :Hello Rina,Hey,that's nice.isn't that your old purse?The one that we bought two year ago?Rina :Yeah,that's rightDewi :how did you do that?Rina :Sorry,what did you say?Dewi :How did yo do that,Rina?Rina : oh,well,first,I just added some colorful buttons,Then,four-five glittery beads ,Finally I gave my magic finishing touch,he..he..

Eva     : Hey, did you hear about Qingdao Haiwan Bridge?

Febria : No, I never heard about that.

Eva     : Oh my gosh, you didn't know anything about it?! Let me tell you. Qingdao Haiwan Bridge is world's longest bridge. The length is about 42,5 kilometers.

Febria : 42,5 kilometers?! What a long bridge!

Eva     : Yeah, this bridge is located in China. And connects 3 cities. Great, isn't it?

Febria : Wow! Fabulous! Too bad I didn't know anything about this bridge.

Eva     : Sometimes, I can't believe it! How can people build a bridge along that, with just 4 years?

Febria : That was unbelievable! I have to know a lot about that.

Eva     : Yeah, you really have to know it. Because this is so amazing.