A : Are you going somewhere? B:Yes, I am going to Suzie's place. Why?
Would you mind returning the movies that we borrowed on Saturday night? I am very busy at the moment, I can't go anywhere.
B:No problems. Have you received the email that you've been waiting for since last night?
A:Not yet, that's why I've been sitting in front my computer since morning. The dean's secretary must have forgotten to send me that important email. Do you think I should call her only to make sure?
B:No, I think you should wait. Maybe she's to busy doing other things that she forgotten to send you the email.
A:How can someone forget to send such an important email like that?
B:You're having a panic attack right now. You'll get the email today, trust me

Tolong b.indonesia artinya dialog diatas
Deni : hi rahman . rahman : hi deni. deni : may, i have your atention, please ? rahman : yes, deni . deni : what your opinion about our class ? rahman : it's very beautiful class. deni : are you sure ? rahman : yes deni : oh, thank's. rahman : you're welcome. deni : see you rahman : see you, too