4. if people (not,stop) cutting trees, there (be) huge changes in the eviron ment
5. if harun aften (take) leave, he (lose) his job
6. i promise you that i (reveal,not) your secret
7. after she (finish) her studies, she (get) a good job
8. when i (arrive) at the station, i (cal) you

1. sandy . . . (to repair) her toy tomorrow
2.we . . . (to do) the project by next week
3. he. . . (to visit) his aunt today
4. i . . . (to finish) this by next week
5.roy . .. (to start) the work by next week
6. they ... (to discuss) the matter at meething today
7. the police... ... .(to arrest) the muderer with in a week
8. they.... (to write) the article by tomorrow
9. paula... (to manage) the house in her mother's absence
10. if we can do that the we... ( to fulfil) our mission



Itu bentuk kalimat Future ya ?