1.apa yang dimaksud miopi
2.apa fungsi mata
3.apa fungsi pupil di dalam mata
4.sebutkan penyakit penyakit mata
5.apa penyebab kerusakan mata.
Terimakasih.... tp maksud saya pertanyaan dalam bahasa inggris :)
ohh,tinggal translete aja
maaf yah
What's the function of eyes? to see
please mention the part of eyes anatomically! cornea, pupil, iris, retina, vitreous body
what's the function of cornea? to shield the rest of the eye from germs, dust.
foods those are good for eyes? foods those contained vit A
mention some eye diseases ! blind, eye cancer,color blind
which part of eye that produces tears? lacrinal gland
what happened when the shadow is in front of the retina? myopia
what kind of disease that old people usualy suffer in eyes problem? (rabun tua)
what's the function of iris ? to give colors for the object
is UVA dangerous for eyes? yes