Fill in the verbs in brackets in the future perfect.

1. Sandy ... (to repair) her toy tomorrrow
2. We ... (to do) the project by% next week
3. He ... (to visit) his aunt today
4. I ... (to finish) this by next week
5. Roy ... (to start) the work by next week
6. They ... (to discuss) the matter at meeting today
7. The police ... (to arrest) the murderer within a week
8. They ... (to write) the article by tomorrow
9. Paula ... (to manage) the house in her mother's absence
10. If we can do that then we ... (to fulfi) our mission



1. is going to repair
2. are going to do
3. is going to visit
4. am going to finish
5. is going to start
6. are going to discuss
7. is going to arrest
8. are going to write
9. is going  to manage
10. are going to fulfi
1. Will have to repaired
2. Will have to done
3. Will have to visited
4. Will have to finished
5. Will have to started
6. Will have to discussed
7. Will have to arrested
8. Will have to written
9. Will have to managed
10. Will have to fullled