Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the simple future or simple present verbs. Use the words given in brackets.

1. After I (leave) school I (go) to a party with my friends.
2. If it (snow) this weekend, we (go) skiing
3. Rudy (say) he (pick) up. Maya from her workplace
4. If people (not, stop) cutting trees, there (be) huge changes in the environment
5. If Harun often (take) leave, he (lose) his job
6. I promise you that I (reveral, not) your secret
7. After she (finish) her studies, she (get) a good job
8. When I (arrive) at the station, I (call) you

ke future ato ke past ?
Gatau deh nih perintahnya.. Gurunya jg ga jelasin.. Mungkin dr 8 itu ada future ada past
biasa soal kek gini sih past,klo future sama aja kek simple present
Klo mnurut aku sih +ing karena itu future sm present


1=left dan went
2=snow dan went
3=said dan picked
5=took dan lost
7=finished dan got
8=arrived dan called
no 4 sma 6 ga ngerti ..maaf klo slah kawan
1. Leave ; will go
2. Snows ; will go
3. Says ; will pick
4. Don's stop ; will be
5. Takes ; will lose
6. Will not reveal
7. Finishes ; will get
8. Arrive ; will call