perintahnya suruh apa tuh?
ya soalnya itu si apakan
gambarnya kurang jelas jadi gak bisa baca perintahnya
write down the possibie expressions for each pictures. then, play thr roles of the speakers sentences correctly and clearly


2. A: Do you want some of my snack?
B : sure. Thank you

3. A : Alex please clean the class.
B: okay teacher.

5. A: Taylor please submit your paper.
B: here it is, Teacher.

6. A: class, please open chapter 1.
B: yes, teacher

7. A: Hey John, the views today is very pretty.
B: yup, the sky is in pretty blue colour.

Aku ga bisa semua nya...
I don't uderstand the situation
But i hope it helps~ :3
Sorry kalau salah
1 a Ani can I borrow your pen
b Sorry I lost it
2a Hi, Anna! how do you do?
b Hi! how do you do?
8aNow student, Its listening time now
b Yes, Sir

I Hop It Helps You :)
1. lina: do you understand of what edo said?
day: yes, he said that we should speak English in our class

2. Siti: excuse me, what is 'wash' in bahasa?
lina and Udin: wash is "menyuci"

3. ma'am: excellent, that's my diligent student
Udin: thank you ma'am

4. teacher: Siti and lina please stop doing that!

5. lina: excuse me ma'am what the meaning of smart?
ma'am: 'pintar'

6. teacher: students please open the book chapter 1
students: okay sir

7. Edo: the picture is wonderful, is that how you say it?
dayu: yes

8. teacher: do you understand students?
students: yes sirr
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