Tolong buatkan dong percakapan langsung,tidak langsung dalam suatu suasana yang sama dengan pemainya 5 orang :
-asking for service or thing
-asking and giving opinion
-like or dislike
-agree or disagree
-phone call
makasih sebelumnya :)



A: Good morning everyone!
B&C&D: Good morning A!
A: Have you done the homework?
B: what homework?
A: the drawing homework!
B: Oh no! i didn't do it! can you help me please?
A: sure..
after finishing the homework..
C&D: wow! that's cool! we like it!
A: oh no! i forgot to tell E to bring his pencil colour!
C: i bring cell phone! let's make a call! hello? may i speak with E?
E: hello! E is speaking..
C: E, A forgot to tell you to bring pencil colour.. please bring it when you come here okay?
E: okay..

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