A:Hello My Friend?Can you help me?
B:Yeah,,what can i do for you?
A:Would you buy me a Spatula?
B:Course,but what are you doing with that spatula then??
A:I will study cooking,
B:Good Job,I Proud You :D
A:Are You sure dear??
B:Yes,.I will got it at 5 o'clock
3 3 3
Are you sure?
how do you sure?
do you think so?
are you really certain 'bout that?
are you absolutely sure?
are you certain?
are you certain 'bout that?
jawaban :
yes, i am
yes, of course
yes, i'm sure
yes certain
no, of course not
no, im certain
there's no doubt 'bout that
i have no doubt 'bout that
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