Peter ..... hey guys i've been looking for you
nizar........really sorry we ve just started our book any problems's ok hey what a nice hat
nizar ...... oh thanks i got in from my penpal from london
peter.......i'm going to have a party at seven this evening would you like to come
nizar ......thanks i'd love to
ade...... i want to but i have no
nizar.....what about coming together with me? i'll tell your mom and dad and pick you up
ade......ok thanks
1 why is peter looking for nizar and ade
2 does nizar accept the invitation? how do you know
3does ade also accept the invitation? HOW DO YOU KNOW
4what is nizar doing at the on of the conversation?why
5after talking about the hat what does peter do



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2014-08-31T11:18:07+07:00 invite them to his party
2. yes. "thanks id love to" means accepting
3. yes. "i wan to ....."
4. he started their book
5. invite nizar and ade to his party