Syra: Good morning, Fals.
Fals: Good morning, Syra.
Syra: How are you today?
Fals: Fine, and you?
Syra: Fine too. Oh yeah, I have some problem with my mathematic homework. Can you teach me it?
Fals: Of course, Syra. That's what friend are. You can ask everything what you not understand, Insyaallah, i will teach you.
Syra: Thank a lot of your kindless. I will come to your house later by 02.00 p.m. Well, i want go first.
Fals: Ok. See you. Bye.
Syra: See you. Bye.

semoga bisa membantu ^_^,,,
jika ada yang kurang dimengerti dari jawaban di atas, silahkan ditanyakan ^_^,,,