Teks Recount adalah teks yang menjelaskan atau melaporkan mengenai sebuah peristiwa atau kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau dengan tujuan untuk menginformasikan atau menghibur. Contoh Recount:
Last holiday, I went to semarang with my family. We went there by plane. We arrived there at noon. Then, my dad reserved a room at Ciputra hotel. We had rest for a while at the hotel. At evening, we ate Mr Subur's Gandul Rice. It's very delicious. Then, we went to DP Mall.

The next day, we went to Jogjakarta. We went to Borobudur temple and Ambarrukmo Plaza. We bought some souvenirs. Then, we went back to Semarang.

The next day, we went to Banaran Coffee Shop. After ate and had a cup of coffee, we played there. There are many games there, e.g ATV, flying fox, etc. The flying fox there is the highest and longest one in Java with 150 m long and 50 m tall. After playing at Banaran Coffee Shop, we came back to Semarang preparing our trip went home. At evening, around 7 o'clock, we went back to my hometown by plane. That's all about my holiday

Teks procedure adalah teks yang menyampaikan tentang tata cara melakukan sesuatu. Cara penulisannya pada umumnya dalam bentuk poin per poin. Contoh teks procedure: How to Make Orange Tea Ingredients: 1 orange, sweet tea, soda drink (use uncoloured soda), and ice. Utensils: Jug, knife, spoon, and drinking glass. Method: 1. Cut the orange into circle shapes, try to cut it thinly. 2. Put the cut orange and ice into jug. 3. Pour the soda drink into the jug. 4. Add the already prepared sweet tea. 5. Stir the ingredients in the jug well. 6. After pouring the orange tea in a glass, you can decorate the brim of the glass with left over orange pieces.  

Recount text yaitu text yg menjelaskan tentang experience atau pengalaman di masa lampau.
procedur text yaitu text yg menjelaskan tentang cara menggunakan sesuatu. ex : how to operate the computer.