1. let's go
2. let's do
3. let's sing
4. let's take a bath
5. let's study
6. let's eat
7. let's make a change
8. let's change the wold to be better than before
9. let's go to the zoo
10. let's dancing
11. lets's do that homework together
12. let's make a delicious foot for our dinner tonight
13. let's camping in the mountain
14. let's go to shopping
15. let's cooking
16. let's wash the plate
17. let's go to the course
18. let's go to the school
19. let's make our parents proud with us
20. let's do different
ralat ya. nomer 8 itu "world" nomer 12 itu "food"
Let's go fishing
let's buy a cake
let's do something
let's write a letter
let's sweep the floor
let's come in
let's visit our grandmother
let's cook satay
let's do our homework
let's bring the box in
let's drawing
let's throw the rubbish at the basket
let's study english
let's swimming at swimming pool
let's wear our uniform
let's water the plants
let's cut the paper
let's sing a song
let's wash the car
let's drink a cup of tea
let's take our bag
let's found the key