Meme : good morning
Bapa : morning meme
Jaja : morning too
Meme : how are you?
Bapa : i'm fine
Jaja : fine

Udah itu aja 
apa-apaan woy koq sdikit amat....???!!!
Ola : Hey, Malini.It's nice to see you here. What're you doing ?
Malini : Hello, Ola. It's nice too see you too. I was asked by my mom to buy daily needs, 'cause she is sick now, so she ask me to help her. Mmm, by the way, who is sh
Ola : Wow, great Mal. Yeah, we have to help our parents. Oh, i'm forget to introduce her to you. This is my cousin come from Bandung. 
Wulan : Hey, i am Wulan. I am Ola's cousin. How do you do ?
Malini : Glad to see you Wulan. I am Malini, i am Ola's classmates. How do you do.