Ini berdasarkan pengalaman

S:Good morning miss!
C:Good morning!
S:What is your name?
S:Do you speak english?
C:hmm.... yes little
S:What is your name?
C:Chika. and you?
S:My name is Prima

hening sebentar>>

S:Where are you from?
S:hmmm.. what do you think about panorama in Borobudur? (waktu itu aku lagi di Borobudur)
C:I think beautiful

yaaa masih panjang lagi dehh..
A: " Excuse me, do you know where the KLCC ? "
B: " Yes, From here, there a underground train. Just buy ticket to KLCC and you          will get the place where you want to go. "
A: "Thank you, young man !"
B: "it's ok. "
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