Hello, i want to inroduce myself. My name anisah, i think my name very short but no problem. I came from indonesia. I was born 29th april 1999. Now, i’m fifteen years old. I live in jakarta at kebayoran lama, south jakarta. I’m student in 29 senior high school. I have one brother and one sister. My brother name is raihan, he is five years old. And my sister name is eva, she is ten years old.
I have many close friends. their names are dea, lala, muti, fitri, juwita, Irma and amel. I can talk, go, play, laugh with them. all my problems, I told them. they know how I am. and only those who can entertain me when I am sad. I think friends are everything.
My hobbies are swimming, reading story, and watching movie. I want to be teacher, especially teacher math. How about you? Please, tell me about yourself.

hello my name dwi sekar. born 28 sept 1999. i live at pubalingga, central java. i'm student in junior high school 1 pubalingga. my hobbies are reading a novel and play chess. you can battle with me if you want :D


Hello my name Aan taufiqur rochman
Born  21 des 1999
Now i'm 14 th
i'm student in smp muhammadiyah 1 surabaya
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My name is Jeri . i was born on 14 March 1999 . i live at Deer Island (Pulau Kijang), Riau. I'm descendants Dutch-Indonesian. I'm 2nd class in 1 Senior High School. I have three brothers. Firts, his name is Herry Effendy . he's 29 years old . 2nd, Herrian Effendy. he's 26 years old . and my last brother is Harry Effendy. he's 21 years old .  im the youngest in my family. i have many close friends to. their names are Rika, Fatimah, Misnia, and many more. my religion is islam. And my hobbies is Watching movie, reading, dancing freestyle, singing a song. And i want to be a singer ^^ . That's about me
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