A : What Is Your Name ?
B : My Name Is B. by The way my name is ?
A : My Name is A . thank you
B : by
Yosep : Hey, Hanung. It’s good to see you here.
Hanung : Hi, Yosep. Glad to see you too. Are you here for the interview?
Yosep : Yes. Are you?
Hanung : Yes. I was called to come for the interview the other day.
Yosep : Good, me too. Did you come all by yourself?
Hanung : Actually, My friend from the same university is here for the interview as well. Here, Yosep, I would like you to meet my friend, Gladis.
Yosep : Oh, hello, my name is Yosep. How do you do?
Gladis : Hi, my name is Gladis. How do you do
Yosep : How are you, Gladis?
Gladis : I’m fine, thank you. And you?
Yosep : I’m fine too. Thank you… So, you are from the same university as Hanung?
Gladis : Yes, that’s true.
Yosep : Were you his classmate?
Gladis : No. Actually, we were in different faculty.
Yosep : Oh, really?
Gladis : Yes, I was from the faculty of communication while Hanung was from the faculty of Economics.
Hanung : Yes. We knew each other since we were in high school.
Yosep : Oh, I see that… Well, Pardon me, I think I should get going for registration first. Pleased to meet you, Gladis
Gladis : Well, pleased to meet you too, Yosep.
Yosep : Bye, Hanung! See you around!
Hanung : Alright, see you!