Make an imagine about 1D personil (Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, or Louis, *choose one)
short or long, I'll sign the best answer for who I think the best ;)

kalau mau bertanya, harusnya di komentar
maksudnya bikin teks imajinasi ttg mereka (dlm bahasa Inggris), tapi pilih salah satu aja
jawaban yg paling bagus nnt ditandai terbaik deh
when i saw Harry riding him car i was so shocked that was my first time i saw him because she is the one of my idol.. and he wave at me and then i am coming crazy when he wave with him hand. just assuming :P


When i meet Niall for the first time (at 1D's concert or tour), he look at me constantly from the stage, and then (after concert) he bring me his phone number, winked and say "Call me"

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