Ungkapan memberi perhatian(giving attention)
-Are you all right ?
-What’s wrong with you?
-What happened?
-Do You?
-Are You?
-Did You?
-Nice Dress!

Mengecek pemahaman(Checking Understanding)
-Do you understand?
-Are you with me?
-Are you with me so far?

Meminta pendapat(Asking Opinion)
-What do you think about it?
-What do you think I should do?
-What is your opinion?
-What are you thinking about?

Memberi pendapat(giving opinion)
- I don’t think so.
- I think that it’s good for you to…
-I think that..
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Meminta perhatian=  Guru  : look at the board now!
                               Murid : yes, sir  
mengecek pemahaman=   Guru  :do you understand?
                                       murid : yes ma'am
meminta pendapat= Nana : what do you think about my bag?
                              Nina  : i think, it is very good!
tentang apresiasi= Guru  : you are dilligent student!
                            Murid : thank you very much ma'am

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