While he was cleaning the kitchen, he found a lot of expired food, but he didn’t  got rid of it immediately. itu contohnya
• Complex-Compound Sentence (Kalimat Majemuk Sempurna) yaitu kalimat gabungan antara kalimat majemuk dan kalimat sempurna yaitu kalimat yang terdiri dari 1 atau lebih kalimat utama dan 1 atau lebih anak kalimat .
Perhatikan contoh-contoh kalimat berikut ini:
• Jean is in the house (simple sentence)
• It’s starting to rain and I have left my deck-chair outside (Compound Sentence)
• The suspect denied that he had been in the neighborhood (Complex Sentence)
• The man stole the jewelry and he did it in his home until he could safely get out of town. (Complex-Compound Sentence)