A. certainty

A : Morning A
B : Morning too
A : How you feel today
B : I'm good
A : I watched tv last night, flooding is happening. 2 hours damage
B : Really?
A : Yes, i'am sure about that. I saw it by my self through tv

b. Uncertainly

A : Hey B, wait!
B : What happpen with you?
A : I got a news!
B : From who?
A : From someone
B : So??
A : That there will happen earthquake in Riau.
B : Sorry, i am not sure about that news

c repeatation. 

A : Hei! A what's up?
B : I'm fine, thank you. And you?
A : I'm fine too.
B : Do you know, that we have a test on saturday?
A : Sorry, would you mind repeating what you just said?
B : Do you know that we have a test on saturday, A?
A : Yes.
B : Well, thank you A for your information

d. admiration
maaf ya aq nggk tau yang ini

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